Williston School of Dance

Williston's Premier Dance Studio Since 1977

Tap Boys: Black oxford tap shoe.  Solid black shorts and solid white t-shirt. Athletic socks. 

Jazz or Salsa boys:

 tan split-sole jazz shoe, with or without laces. Solid black shorts and solid white shirt. Athletic socks.

Girls: Any color or style leotard. If a bra is worn, straps must not show across the back. No underwear beneath leotards - the tights are the underwear. Tan footed or convertible tights. Hair up in a ponytail, off the neck and away from the face. No jewelry. Lycra dance "booty" shorts may be worn over leotards for modesty and fashion - no jazz pants.

Tap class- Black tap shoe. At Level "B" and higher, a split sole oxford is required. Lower level girls may wear a black patent leather buckle or tie shoe if preferred. No high heels unless designated by the teacher for a particular choreography.

Jazz and Salsa class - Tan split-sole jazz shoe. No 'Fizzion" styles. A pull on "boot" style (without laces)  is recommended for quick changing and for young elementary schoolers who are not fast at re-tying untied shoes.