Williston School of Dance

Williston's Premier Dance Studio Since 1977

Students show respect for their studio, their teachers, their art form, and themselves by following the School dress code. We want students to come to class each day with the right tools to succeed.

For all classes: 

Chewing gum is not allowed at the School. 

No jewelry other than small earrings. 

For girls, underwear is not worn under leotards. The tights are the undergarment. If a bra is worn, straps should not be exposed  across the back.

All listed tights are always footed or 'convertible'.

For ballet, no finger nail polish, and no fake tattoos. Girls must always have hair pulled back in a pinned, netted ballet bun. A ponytail in a loop is not a bun - a hair net and pins are required at ballet.

We enforce our dress code with an index card/hole punch system. Each student has a punch card, kept on file at the School. Upon any dress code infraction (nail polish at ballet, improper bun, missing tights or shoes, etc), a student receives a punch on their card. Upon a third punch, the student sits out of class to observe. The student then has a 'fresh start' with a new index card.

Most of our students never receive a hole punch, so thanks to these responsible dancers and their parents. These students receive a Certificate of Excellence at the end of the year and will be recognized in the recital program.