Williston School of Dance

Williston's Premier Dance Studio Since 1977


 - black athletic or dance shorts, or black dance pants. 

 - solid white or black t-shirt. 

 - Bare feet unless otherwise specified for a particular choreography.


 - solid black leotard, any style. If a bra is worn, straps across the back must not show. If your modern class is back-to-back with your ballet class, at Modern you may wear your required ABT uniform color instead of black.

 - pink convertible tights.

 - solid black lycra dance shorts may be worn for modesty and fashion.

 - bare feet. If desired, "foot undeez" shoes may be worn in class work, but these are not required.

 - Hair pulled back off the neck and away from the face in a bun or ponytail.

 - No jewelry, no fake tattoos.