Williston School of Dance

Williston's Premier Dance Studio Since 1977

Irish Week: June 11-15

Cost: $120 first dancer; $100 second dancer

Learn ceili dances, modern step dancing, traditional sets and contemporary sets! Perform a fully costumed program on Friday the 15th in a free, public show!

Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop/Salsa Week: June 25-29

Cost: $120 first dancer; $100 second dancer

A dance extravaganza! Learn full routines in each above style, then perform a full program (costumes provided) on Friday the 29th in a free, public performance!

Ballet and Modern Week: June 18-22

Cost: $120 first dancer; $100 second dancer

Includes  fully costumed public performance Friday the 22nd!

Learn authentic roles, corps, and variations from a real classical ballet! 

Learn, create, and perform contemporary and modern works!