Williston School of Dance

Williston's Premier Dance Studio Since 1977

DRESS UP AND DANCE (3 year olds who turn 4 in the academic year):


 -  white ABT01 dress (see "Ballet" dress code drop-down). No panties worn beneath - tights are the underwear

 - pink footed tights

 - pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (no satin dress-up slippers)

 - hair in a pinned, netted bun. No jewelry, no nail polish, no face paint, no fake tattoos.

 - Students engage in lots of 'dress up' in the class, with all costumes being worn over the ABT ballet dress. 

(In other words, no one is actually undressing at any point during class!)

KINDERBALLET/TAP (PreK and kindergarten 4-6 year olds):


 -  same as above, but with "Candy" (pink) ABT01 dress (see "Ballet" Dress Code Category), and with the addition of 

black tap shoes. We recommend buckles over ties.

BOYS,  in Ballet/Tap Combo classes or Dress Up and Dance: 

 - solid white shirt and solid black shorts

 - black or white canvas or leather ballet shoes

 - white athletic socks

 - no fake tattoos