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All Irish dance classes require light, aka 'soft' or 'reel' shoes. 

For girls, these are called "ghillies" or "pumps". Our approved shoes are available at Arabesque, in Gainesville!

For boys, a black split sole oxford jazz shoe - with laces - is worn. These are available at any area dance retailer. No pull-on "boot" styles - Irish shoes require the laces.

By the third year, a Boys Novice Reel Shoe (black jazz oxford with a fiberglass percussive heel) is required for heel clicks and stamps that are unique to boys in the light dancing. These are found online.


Hard shoes have percussive fiberglass tips and heels. They are much more substantial than tap shoes. These are not ordered until the teacher specifies, months in advance, that a class will formally begin heavy shoe material. Beginners do not wear hard shoes. Shoes must be 'flexi' or 'superflexi' soles and are available at Arabesque in Gainesville.


Solid black athletic shorts and solid white shirt - no graphics. White athletic socks.

GIRLS ATTIRE: solid white shirt and solid black knit, cheer, or athletic shorts. (Black "slider" shorts may be worn underneath for modesty in kicks and splits, if desired). No leggings or capris - the teacher needs to see the dancer's knees. Girls' Irish dance socks are called poodle socks and are available at Arabesque in Gainesville.  Hair back in a ponytail, off the neck and away from the face. No jewelry. 

iRISH DANCE WIGS FOR GIRLS: www.celticcurls.com

All female Irish dancers of all levels perform ( in the annual recital and other select performances) in the Celtic Curls "Alana" bun wiglet. Parents purchase this exact wig directly from the link above. 

When cared for, these wigs will last throughout an Irish dancer's 'career'.